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What Pineridge looks for

We look for companies that have established track records and solid growth potential in attractive segments of the food industry or other consumer products sectors and that have sales in the range of $25 million to $200 million. While Canada has been our primary geographic focus so far, we have a North American perspective and are also interested in U.S.-based companies serving the North American market .

What Pineridge Offers

Pineridge Group has a wealth of experience in food manufacturing, household cleaners and other consumer products sectors. This experience is backed up by strong financial partners and a team that brings the kind of disciplined strategic thinking and operating practices that can help drive companies to realize their full potential. We create a demanding, dynamic and entrepreneurial environment driven by a set of clear philosophies.

In the course of making nine acquisitions the Pineridge team has demonstrated its ability to guide companies smoothly through major transitions. In each one of our acquisitions - whether it has been a family-owned company, a business unit of a large multinational corporation, or an independent corporation - we have been sensitive to the history and culture of each company while taking action to strengthen the companies and set them on course for exciting growth and leadership in their respective segments of the North American food and consumer goods market.

Contact Pineridge

We are always interested in talking to companies that are good candidates to grow and prosper as part of Pineridge Group. Get in touch with us through our Contact Page.